Humanize your data

The problem

Most companies buy data lists to begin cold calling. However, problems such as having inaccurate, outdated data, as well as inflexible services, cause detrimental conversion ratios. Therefore, some enterprises make wrong decisions by commanding their salespeople to search the prospect data. In consequence, the employees waste time and money doing data research when they should spend that time doing only sales work.

Data Enrichment

What we do is to assign at least one of our data specialists only for your company. Our employees will be at your service full time to get the relevant data you need. You might think that this will be expensive as you will be “hiring” a new team member, but nothing could be more untrue. We guarantee the specialization, experience, and effectiveness of the project for less cost than a part-time work from your sales fix staff or even your intern's costs.


Despite the fact that more than 95% (5% of margin error) of The Outsources leads have accurate and updated information, most of our client’s won’t close the deal as the leads don’t have a real problem that could be fixed by The Outsources clients. Therefore, having a correct segmentation and a cold calling strategy, correct follow-up timing, email call to action plan, and empathy during the whole sales cycle, especially during the close is crucial. In consequence, our main focus is simple: Increase our customer’s conversion ratio or revenue with an outstanding quality leads and guidance for the first-7 days for free.

Clients that have trusted us:

A 3 minutes investment could help you save or gain as much as a creating a new product for your customers, if not, you would have lost only 3 minutes. What do you think?