A brief story

David owned a company, and he was unaware of a huge problem: his company salespeople would spend a lot of time searching lead’s data to prospect instead of non-stop calling and selling. They did a great job by looking for prospects, creating reliable processes, and strategies to obtain accurate info. However, this process of data enrichment caused the waste of time of almost half of the sales employees, which translates into half of the salespeople payroll “invested“ in lead generation.

The problem

The company wasn’t the only one going through this; more than 27% of the world’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) would keep this strategic disaster everyday. If we do the math, for example in Spain, for each euro of the given salary, the company must pay almost 40% in taxes, social security and other related expenses. Therefore, if the company pays 1.500 euros gross per month, it must pay 600 more  euros to the government. In consequence, the total cost is 2.100 euros and 50% of that (1050 euros) is “invested“ in lead generation every month.

Our solution = your resolution

The Outsources’ data specialists make easier your salespeople work. They have been working in the industry for three years now and are our most significant asset. They have been trained to follow an accurate and reliable procedure to achieve the client’s needs in order to accomplish an ROI of more than 233%. They will be available for you as a common employee and will help you generating relevant data for your sales campaign. 

Where do we come from?

The Outsources is a brand owned by “Parra Consulting“. Our main focus is to work with small and medium enterprises (SMEs). With our help, SMEs will increase their revenue by more than 127% per year on average with a ROI of 233% or more.

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